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Driving in your own car or a hire car is a great way to get to Mt Buller. It's only a short 3-hour drive from Melbourne via the Hume Highway or Maroondah Highway, and the scenery on the way is well worth taking your time to see and enjoy.


No matter which route you take from Melbourne to Mt Buller you will eventually come to Mansfield - the closest major town to the Resort. Pass through Mansfield and follow the signs to Mt Buller. At the base of Mt Buller (Mirimbah) you will be required to stop at the gate entry point and pay a fee to enter the Resort. Once through the gate entry point, continue up a well-maintained road to Mt Buller.


As the Mt Buller Village is located above the snow line, only a limited amount and type of cars are permitted to drive into the Village (access during winter is restricted to residents, property owners and mountain staff). Most cars are required to stop at a car park located approximately 1.5km below the Village. At this point, you will be met by an attendant who will guide you to a parking spot.


If you'd like to drive to Mansfield but would prefer to sit back and relax for the trip up into the Mt Buller Village, you can always jump on a bus for the last leg of the trip. Mansfield-Mt Buller Bus Lines provides regular services from Mansfield, Merrijig and Mirimbah, which means no chain hire or mountain driving.


Europcar make it even easier to get to Mt Buller for your ski holiday. If you're based interstate or internationally and are keen to cut down on your travel time while still having the freedom of having your own car, why not try out the Mt Buller Snow Deal?


Europcar offers a fully inclusive snow package covering all your snow needs and allowing you the freedom and flexibility to get to and from Buller when it suits you.  A wide range of vehicles, including AWD Mitsubishi Outlanders, are available and can be picked up from a variety of city and airport locations.


Car hire packages are booked exclusively through High Country Reservations - please contact them on 1800 BULLER or

Resort Entry , Parking & Oversnow Taxi


At the Mirimbah Resort Entry, located at the base of Mt Buller, you will be required to pay an entry fee and parking fee. Once through the gate, continue up the well-maintained road to the Mt Buller car parking areas where you will be met by an attendant and directed to a car park. 4wd Taxis will be readily available here for transfer to your destination in the village.



Car Entry  ( 12 seats or less) ................................$55.00 per vehicle

Car Entry  ( 12 seats or less) ..Save Book Online..$44.00 per vehicle




For overnight parking please add the following to car resort entry fee

Resort Entry  – Monday to Sunday Inclusive............................ $55.00 per vehicle 

Parking Per Additional Week Night.......................................... $10.00 per vehicle (Sunday to Thursday)

Parking Per Additional Weekend Night.................................... $35.00 per vehicle (Friday & Saturday)


Only authorized 4WD vehicles are permitted to enter the Mt Buller Village. All other cars park in designated parking areas located below the village area. When you get to within a few kilometres of the village you will be met by a parking attendant who will direct you to a spot where you can leave your car. If you are staying for the day, you can catch a free shuttle bus into the village or access the slopes via the Horse Hill chairlift. If you are staying overnight, you must take a 4WD taxi to your accommodation. 4wd taxis are readily available in the car parking areas.



One Way from car parks to accommodation. Price includes two items of luggage plus skis, boots, poles OR snowboard & boots per person. Excess luggage is charged at $8.50 per item.

Adult ............ $18.00 each

Child............. $9.00 each  (3 - 14 yrs)



Wheel Chains


Mt Buller's wheel chain requirements are decided on a daily basis and are determined by weather forecasts and existing road conditions. Chain requirements may vary between 2-Wheel Drive (2WD) and 4-Wheel Drive (4WD) and All-Wheel Drive (AWD) vehicles, as each of these types of cars react differently to snow and icy road conditions.



If you are staying in the Resort overnight or traveling beyond the Skating Rink car park area and past the snowline, you are required to carry chains at all times as weather conditions may change unexpectedly throughout the evening.



Chains are available to hire in Mansfield and Mirimbah and a chain fitting service operates on-mountain most days when chains are required to be fitted. Visitors are advised to check the Mt Buller website or iPhone app before heading up the mountain to determine snow conditions and chain requirements. Chain information also appears on large flashing roadside billboards as you enter and leave Mansfield and on the daily snow report. Contact Resort Management directly on (03) 5777 6077 for the most current requirements.

Snow Driving Tips

We would like to remind you of the things you need to consider when driving in a snow environment.


Before leaving home

  • Have your vehicle serviced and make sure you have anti-freeze coolant in the radiator; the battery, windscreen wipers, air conditioning and demisters are in good working order.

  • You should also check to make sure your head lights, brake lights, indicators and fog lights (if fitted) are all in good working order.

  • Your vehicle's tyres (including spare) should have plenty of tread. With any tyre the greater the tread wear, the less safe the tyres are in winter alpine conditions. A worn tyre has a greatly reduced safety margin.

  • Make sure you have the correct snow chains for your vehicle for maximum grip and safety. If you haven't fitted snow chains to your vehicle previously, you should practice fitting them before you travel to the snow and also ensure you have the right size snow chains for your tyres.


Do you have the right fuel?

  • Diesel fuel contains paraffin which can solidify in temperatures below 0 deg Celsius. This can be prevented by filling your fuel tank with Alpine Diesel before you head up the mountain - available at most service stations in the alpine region.


Driving in the snow

  • Observe local speed limits in resorts.

  • Travel at a safe distance from the vehicle in front.

  • Apply gradual pressure to the accelerator to avoid wheel spin.You should avoid braking when cornering as this can cause skidding and loss of control. Instead, try to brake before you enter the corner.

  • When braking is necessary, apply the brakes gently. Front and/or rear wheels can lock easily resulting in a loss of steering and control.


Fitting snow chains

  • Fit at fitting bays on level ground.

  • Only use chains that have been designed specifically for your vehicle.

  • Snow chains should be fitted to driving wheels only.


Arriving at the Resort

  • Only park in designated parking areas to avoid any hazards.

  • It's also a good idea to fit your snow chains to your vehicle when leaving the vehicle overnight or for an extended period. That way you will already have your snow chains fitted when you are heading home.

  • Lift wipers from the windscreen if parking for an extended period so that the wipers do not freeze to the glass.

  • Don't leave the handbrake in your vehicle engaged. Moisture in the mechanism can freeze and cause the handbrake to be "frozen" in the engaged position.


Leaving the Resort

Make sure you clear ALL snow from your vehicle - you can be hit with a hefty fine and loss of demerit points for driving with snow on the roof of your vehicle. It is a danger and a hazard for several reasons:

  • Firstly the danger caused to other motorists or pedestrians when the snow dislodges and more particularly what or who it hits when it does dislodge (particularly at speed).

  • Secondly it quite often falls forward under braking causing the snow to cover the windscreen blocking the driver's forward vision.

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